logo-logitekAbout Logitek

Logitek is a technology services company with over 30 years of experience in automation, communications and SCADA systems for industrial markets and infrastructure management, offering prestigious technology as well as consulting and training services.

Besides providing counseling support, Logitek offers a wide range of solutions which allow to structure a project from its design through its deployment: automation and control solutions (drives, fieldbus, programmable automations (PCL), safety solutions, HMI, variation in versions ); motion control; communication (gateways, industrial modems, OPC servers); HMI/SCADA visualization (HMI devices, industrial PCs, SCADA platforms, version control); remote management (RTU devices, telemetry protocols, industrial modems, SCADA platforms, version control); change management solutions for alerts management and industrial cyber-security, among others. Logitek headquarters are in Barcelona, and it has also offices in Bilbao, Madrid and Bucharest.

The Challenge

A complete migration from SalesForce platform to the Zoho system was performed. The implemented cycle included:

  • Marketing: Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Creator
  • Sales: Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator
  • Management: Zoho Reports
  • Technical Support: Zoho Support

The total runtime of the project was one of the biggest challenges, as there were less than 3 months to carry out the entire set tasks (due to the current provider’s annual support expiration)

The Solution

A “priority” based migration plan was drawn up based on the capabilities of the migration tools including Zoho CRM and support to customized tables. Those elements and processes not covered by default or beyond the basic functionalities of Zoho CRM were added on Zoho Creator.

Furthermore, a synchronization choreography was established which allows the performance of the entire Zoho ecosystem under maximum integrated and transparent user’s perspective. To that end, both existing synchronization mechanisms and developed specific elements were used (whole Tranfer Quotes part/Quotes lines between platforms).

The use of all the applications Google Apps and Zoho Apps, has significantly increased the efficiency of the two platforms, synchronization between the two solutions makes it easier data management.

Google Apps + Zoho Apps integration

Logitek uses Google Apps solutions to manage daily communication and cooperation both at an internal and external level.

Google Mail as an email solution, Google Groups to create mailing lists, collaborative inboxes and forums; Google Calendar to manage shared calendars; Google Sites as a corporate intranet and Google Drive as data repository, together with its office IT suite incorporated in Google Drive. The office suite that allows them to work in the same document (whether it is a text processing, a spreadsheet or a form) in real time and access them in an easy and simple way from any device and at any time.

 Thanks to the Google Apps and Zoho Apps integration, they have been able to work in a “single sign-on” environment between both platforms. The Google Mail integration with Zoho has allowed them to synchronize emails inside Zoho Crm regardless of the platform they are sent from (regarding the accounts and contacts). On another hand, the bidirectional synchronization between the events created in Zoho Crm and shown inside Google Calendar allows them to have a quick overview of those events. Moreover, Google Sites has made possible the visual integration of several Zoho elements, like Zoho reports, in their own intranet.

 Integration benefits between both platforms:

  • A better knowledge over all the messages and communications between employees and customers (mail in CRM)
  • A better internal collaboration by having all the events in the same tool (Google Calendar)

The Result

  • A more modular environment, both in cost and functions
  • Lower total TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for the solution
  • Greater autonomy in day-to-day work and in the platform evolution.

“With Zoho products suite usage, we have now a 360 degree view of the relationship with our clients, from marketing campaigns, the sales cycle and the subsequent support. The analysis of the generated data by the reporting tools allows us to identify new opportunities as well as to improve our internal processes.
The implementation, support and professionalism of Apps Implantadores along the whole migration process has been essential to achieving a successful project.“

– Manuel Meijueiro, Customer Service Director